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FAQ Traditional Turkish Angora

Owner: Harvey Harrison
APDO 1590-3000
Costa Rica, Central America

Turkish Angora (Ankara Kedi) Tom, Yellow Eyes Ankara Zoo 2002. Note his more triangular faces and larger ears.  His body is svelte, legs long.  I commented to the cat managers that I think this is their best tom.  On my next trip I saw they had put 3 females in his enclosure! Ankara Zoo resident.

Turkish Angora (Ankara Kedi) Female, Yellow Eyes.  Ankara Zoo, 2002.  This one is very similar indeed to my Turkish Angora, Misty, who is mother of Suleiman.  A bit Persian looking.  Very sweet nature.  Ankara Zoo Resident.

Turkish Angora (Ankara Kedi) Female, Blue Eyes. Stone Deaf.  Ankara Zoo, 2002.  Very sweet nature.  Ankara Zoo resident.

 Turkish Angora (Ankara Kedi)  Eyes nearly Blue, like Topaz, Not deaf.  Age 3 years.  Name:  Minos of Angorarama,  Origin:  Ankara Zoo, Turkey,  Nature:  Affectionate, tolerant of stranger,  Happy living indoors.  Original long haired Traditional Turkish Angora, True Ankara Kedi.  Angorarama Cattery, Costa Rica.

 Turkish Angora, Femal.  Eyes, one blue other yellow.  (Ankara Kedi)  Name, Misty of Angorarama.  Origin, Costa Rica, probably from imported parents.  Weight 3.75 kg.  Age 8 years estimated.  Nature, very affectionate, lap cat, but bad tempered, needs human company.  Mother of Suleiman.  Seems to have a problem, only produced one kitten in 3 years.  Angorarama Cattery, Costa Rica.

 Turkish Angora, Tom.  Eyes light amber.  Weight 4.95 kg.  Age 2 years.  Name, Mukker of Angorarama.  Nature.  Gentle, affectionate.  Origin.  Sire Eccles, Queen  Natilla.  Was rung ot the litter. Needed hand feeding.  Grew up into big powerful cat. Home loving.  Long svelt body, Very pointed face. Close set ears.  Still doing OK here but not as fluffy as he used to be.  Lovely sleepy eyes.  Angorarama Cattery Costa Rica





 Otan Ail of Angorama.  Emerald eyes, Turkish Angorar, Tom.  Weight 5.65 kg.  Origin.  Cyprus, semi felar,  Probably a restaurante scrounger.  Loves people.  Nature.  Loving, obedient, responds to verbal commands.  Does not spray in the kitchen.  Carries genes fro Tortie, Tabby and Calico.  Good Genotype-produces kits with longer fur than himself.  Outdoor cat, Cannot tolerate too long in the house.  Age 7 years.  Angorarama Cattery Costa Rica.

 Turkish Angora, Tom.  Eyes light amber.  Age 6 years.  Weight 5.15 kg.  Name  Eccles of Angorarama.  Originj.  Cyprus, Feral.  Nature: friendly, doggedly attached to his owner.  Has a wild aire!  Originl  Extra notes.  I caught him when he was about 6 months old and very sick with coccidiosis and giardiosis.  His fecal matter was building up on his body so that he was no loinger able to discard it.  I fixed him up enough so he could fly to Costa Rica after 3 weeks (lots of sulfas & loperamide.  He still thinks Im his guardian angel.  These cats have little immunity to domestic cat diseases.  This cat is important to me in another way.  I suspect he is the ancient ancestral form of Turkish Angora which should be called the Caucasian cat or felis Caucasus.  Note the Round eyes and the beginnings of the Turkish Van pattern.  He along with his offspring Mukker, do not vocalize like domestic cats.  They have a harsh gurgling rasp, never a meow!

Turkish Angora (Ankara Kedi)  Eyes one blue other yellow.  Age 2 years.  Weight 5 KG.  Name Suleiman of Angorarama.  Origin.  Sire Eccles, Gueen Misty.  Nature. Not at all like his parents.  Superficially affectionate, but not to be trusted.  Very bad bite.  Note his cold hard eyes.  Angorarama Cattery Costa Rica.



Turkish Angora (Ankara Kedi)  Eyes one blue other yellow.  Name Suleiman of Angorarama. 

I include this more recent snap Oct 2003 to show that he is getting furrier.

Turkish Angora female light amber eyes, weight 4.65 Kg.  Name Natilla De Dionyssos of Angorarama.  Age 6 years.  Originl Cyprus. M.E. feral.  Nature Gentle but very wary.  Angorarama Cattery Costa Rica.




Turkihs Angora Tom Light amber eyes.  Weight 5 KG  Name, Ditto of Angorarama.  Origin  Sire Eccles  Gueen Natilla.  Nature.  Clever & mischievious.  Lovely eyes.  Like his parents.  Since deceased or ran away.  Angorarama Cattery Costa Rica.   Picture Left.







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