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A discussion on where Traditional Turkish Angoras come from...

by Harvey Harrison

Instead of using Ankara cats to verify the authenticity of the American Angora she does the opposite,  with the result that the cat that is the foundation for the breed is now not  even  a Turkish Angora .  It is a Cyprus cat!   THIS IS REVERSE LOGIC.  She does not realize what a fool she is making of herself.
But we have to contact some heavyweight people in order to stop this nonsense.
The posting is as follows..-
"""Harvey Harrison
"In regard to the American Angora being out crossed to breeds such as the Siamese to reduce deafness I realize now that this may be the case and that the Siamese signature and others may have not been mentioned in L Lyons' results. In the same way and for unknown reasons the Egyptian Mau and Tunisian street cat stated separately in the 2008 Report are lumped together in the 2012 Report as the American Turkish Angora. This gives the impression of a pure-bred cat which it is not. This TA grouping is a complex mishmash of many breeds. L Lyons 2012 report loses all authenticity when she states in her website designed to assist people who wish to submit samples for the study that ".-

Step 2 - Breed Ancestry is a secondary matching process that compares your cat to the well-defined, registered cat breed populations of the USA. A true random bred cat WILL NOT match to specific breeds and low match probabilities will not be reported. If your cat is a true direct cross with a breed, having a true breed parent or grand-parent, this test can detect this breed genetic contribution in your cat
(Therefore you could submit a 100 samples of cats from the Ankara Zoo and they would not be identified as turkish Angoras).

In other words the quite different samples from the Ankara Zoo or Turkey will not be identified as a Turkish Angoras because L Lyons presumes that the American CFA and TICA registered TA is the true original one. This violates one of the principal rules of science. When comparing the properties of 2 items whether chemicals, metals, or animals, one has to first prove that the items are genuine examples and not something else, In all cat societies the principal requirement is that the TA be proven to have originated in the Ankara Zoo. Therefore in the 2012 Study step one must be to compare American TAs to Ankara Zoo TAs to verify their authenticity. This was not done. In fact the opposite was done. The fake American TAs were used to verify Turkish and Ankara Zoo cats which were consequently declared as CYPRUS cats. This would be funny if it were not so stupid and a disgrace to


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