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Breed Information

Anyone interested in creating support for additional breeds not yet accepted by TCA, Inc. can easily request acceptance of that breed. You will find us friendly, helpful, and open minded. Only healthy, long-lived breeds with no lethal genes will be considered. The steps to get accepted are very straight forward. For instructions, please write to our secretary for assistance.  

                The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. 
                PO Box 178
                Heisson, WA. 98622-0178 

or email her at



The breeds that are currently accepted by TCA, Inc. are listed below.  If a link appears, then you will be taken to the TCA FAQ for that breed. 

Traditional Abyssinian Cat © ®
Alpine Lynx*©
Traditional American Bobtail Cat
Traditional American Curl Cat ©®
Classic American Curl Cat ©
Traditional American Shorthair Cat ©®

Traditional American Wirehair Cat
Classic American Wirehair Cat
Traditional Australian Mist Cat
Classic Australian Mist Cat ©®
Authentic Bengal Cat 
Bambino Cat©
BamBob Cat©
Traditional Bengalese Cat ©®

Traditional Birman Cat
Traditional Bombay Cat
Traditional British Longhair Cat ©®
Classic British Longhair Cat
Traditional British Shorthair Cat
Classic British Shorthair Cat


Classic Burmese Cat ©® 
Traditional Burmese Cat ©®

Traditional European Burmese Cat ©®
Classic European Burmese Cat ©®

Traditional Chartreux Cat ©®
Classic Chartreux Cat ©
Chavannah Lynx©
Desert Lynx*
Dwelf Cat
DwelfieBob Cat©
Traditional Exotic Shorthair Cat ©®
Elf Cat©
ElfieBob Cat©
Egyptian Mau
Foldex (LH)*©
Foldex (SH)*
Gao Taem 
Traditional Havana Brown

Hiland Lynx*©
Hilander (LH)©
Hilander (SH)©
Traditional (Original) Himalayan Cat ©®
Traditional Household Pet
Traditional Japanese Bobtail Cat ©®
Classic Japanese Bobtail Cat ©
Traditional Jungala Cat ©®
Classic Jungala Cat ©®
Traditional Khao Manee Cat


Classic Korat Cat ©
Traditional Korat Cat

Traditional  LaPerm Cat ©®
Classic LaPerm Cat ©
Traditional Main Coon Cat ©® 
Traditional Colorpoint Manx Cat ©®

Traditional Manx Cat
Mohave Bob*©
Nebelung Cat
Ninlaret Cat
Traditional Norwegian Forest Cat ©
Traditional & Classic Ocicat Cat


Traditional Oriental Shorthair Cat ©®
Classic Oriental Shorthair Cat ©
Traditional Oriental Longhair Cat ©
Classic Oriental Longhair Cat

Traditional Persian (Doll Face) Cat ©® 
Classic Peterbald Cat
Traditional Pixie-Bob Cat
Traditional  Ragamuffin Cat
Classic Ragamuffin Cat ©®
Traditional Ragdoll Cat ©®


Classic Cornish Rex Cat ©
Traditional Devon Rex Cat
Traditional Selkirk Rex Cat

Traditional Russian Blue Cat ©®


Classic Siamese Cat ©  
Traditional Siamese Cat ©®

Colorpoint Siamese (AKA: Colorpoint Shorthair) 

Classic Colorpoint Siamese Cat © (AKA: Classic Colorpoint Shorthair©)
Traditional Colorpoint Siamese Cat
©®  (AKA: Traditional Colorpoint Shorthair©)

Longhair Siamese - AKA: Balinese                

Classic Balinese Cat ©
Traditional Balinese Cat ©® 
Classic Colorpoint Balinese Cat ©®
Traditional Colorpoint Balinese Cat ©

Traditional Siberian Forest Cat ©®
Neva Masquerade (AKA: Traditional Colorpoint Siberian Forest Cat)©
Traditional  Savannah Cat
Classic Savannah Cat ©®
Traditional Scottish Fold Cat ©®
Classic Scottish Fold Cat ©®
Singapura Cat ©
Traditional Snowshoe Cat ©®

Traditional Colorpoint Snowshoe Cat
Traditional Somali Cat
Traditional Sphynx Cat ©®
Sphynxie Bob©
Traditional Thai©
Tiffany/Chantilly Cat © 
Traditional Tonkinese Cat ©®
Traditional Longhair Tonkinese Cat ©®

Traditional Turkish Angora Cat

Traditional Turkish Van Cat ©®
Classic Turkish Van Cat ©

York Chocolate

Other Traditional Breeds that are currently accepted by TCA, Inc

Traditional & Classic Asian Cat ©®
Traditional & Classic Burmilla Cat ©®

Please contact for further information.

Diana Fineran holds Federal Copyright to all but 2 of the TCA, Inc. Breed Standards. Diana has written over 70 Breed Standards for the exclusive use of TCA, INC. ONLY.

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