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Traditional and Classic Burmese Breeders

The Suphalak is also known as our Classic Burmese. 

Nutmeg Burmese.jpg (384954 bytes)

Nutmeg and Cinnamon - Full Sisters 7 years apart
Click on picture to enlarge

Cinnamon Burmese.jpg (811187 bytes)

Q: What is their temperament?

A: My husband and I have had the great joy of owning three Traditional Burmese and Classic Burmese. I wrote the Breed Standards for both. They are the most affectionate, stick tight, lap sitting friends in our feline family. We call them our "under cover cats", because they always burrow down under the quilts with us to sleep at night. You need not worry about ever being cold, if you own a "Burmese". It is a ritual in our house for Tommy (Tom T Sable Prince) to sit on John's chest and clean his mustache one whisker at a time. Any "Burmese" loves attention and lavishes it back to its human family. Often they pick one special human, who is theirs and theirs alone.

Tommy Burmese.jpg (845851 bytes)

Tommy and Nutmeg

Click on picture to enlarge

Nutmeg Burmese2.jpg (413267 bytes)

Q: Why are there three types of 'Burmese"?

A: Like the "Siamese", "Balinese" and "Colorpoint Siamese" breeds, the same effects of changing Breed Standards by all of the other cat associations have created the three types of "Burmese".

The Traditional Burmese is shaped very much like an American Shorthair. The Classic Burmese has a wide wedge shaped face, with a SLIGHTLY more elongated body legs and tail than the Traditional Burmese. The contemporary Burmese has a bashed in nose and bulbus eyes and comes with a long list of lethal genes. The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. does NOT support the contemporary Burmese!

Q: What colors are accepted?

A: The "Burmese" is a solid colored cat. The Sable is a rich, warm sable brown. The Champagne is a warm honey beige. The Blue is a medium blue hughe with warm fawn undertones. The Platinum is a pale, silvery gray with pale fawn undertones.

Burmese Defects Article from 1986

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